Monday, November 7, 2011

I Can Feel Her...

As some of you might know, I also do adult writing. For the longest time, I tried to make Rachel's story happen as an adult story. I must have rewritten it a half-a-dozen times. But, she was, ultimately, a teenager and I am so excited by her journey.

For some time now, I have been writing one of my adult series. I love it and it's going well. But, I can feel Rachel in there. She is bothering me. Its time for me to get started.

Does this happen to you? Do you just feel compelled to write again, like you must answer the need?


Anonymous said...

I wonder how common it is for YA authors to write for adults as well? I see it pretty often, both here and with my FAcebook/Twitter friends as well. Lots of folks have one byline for YA and another for adult, so I'm thinking it's probably pretty common.

I have my first adult contemporary romance -- a holiday one -- coming out this Christmas and I feel you; I'm always tempted to put a young adult in there. But whenever I do, she/he kind of takes over!

I've tried writing adult horror. You know, as the horror writers call it "real" horror (uh huh) but again I always kind of slip into "teenspeak" and halfway through I'm like, "Forget it, I'll just make this YA!"

I enjoy writing for adults because I'm less hemmed in by the coolness and conventions of YA. When I write for kids, I'm always wondering -- and editors are always asking -- "Do they use that word? Do they speak that way? Would she wear that?"

I'm writing the sequel to Zombies Don't Cry write now and one of the zombies is really, really into smooth jazz because, well, I AM. But it's kind of okay because, like a vampire, while he's stuck as a teen zombie he's actually probably my age, so... it works and I've kind of turned it into a running gag amongst my zombies.

So I guess my point is, definitely the need is there and I think we just have to be true to ourselves, and the story, when we answer it. And it's fun to experiment! Even if it doesn't see the light of day. Because who knows... one day it just might! GREAT post and SORRY for the rambling comment! Am I over my word limit or something?!/!?!

Kimber An said...

I write adult stories too, but, so far, they haven't had any traction. My 'voice' is just better suited to YA.

I think it's awesome when authors can go back and forth in between genres and age groups, because it really shows a lot of depth in their imagination and breadth in their skills. I've got the imagination, but my skills still need work. I also want to do Middle Grade! So, I have a ways to go.

Happy for you guys though!