Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Know You're Meant to Be An Author

One way to know you were meant to be an author is you go crazy like Daffy Duck  when you can't write on a story.  Ever watch the old Looney Tunes cartoons?  It's great having children, because now I have an excuse to keep watching them!  I love those shows.  In my normal state of being, I like to think of myself as the suave Bugs Bunny  totally on top of things and always whooping the bullies.  Take away my stories though and I go nuts!
I remember going on a romantic stroll with my husband once.  A story popped into my head and I had to jot it down.  So, I whipped the tiny notebook out of my purse and discovered, to my horror, that my pen was missing!  I just about lost my mind!  My poor husband didn't have one.  I was like a junkie or something.  "We gotta stop in there and ask if I can borrow a pen now!  Now!"  We couldn't snag a pen anywhere and it was a half hour before we could get home and find one there.  What a nightmare.
Actually, it's pathetic, I guess.
But, that's one way to know.
What other ways are there?


Ella Grey said...

I know that feeling very well. I usually make story notes on my phone but if I'm at the day job, I have a napkin in my back pocket. You never know when the muse will hit. So, like a boy scout, you always need to be prepared. Loved the Loony Tune reference.

Kimber An said...

I just bought a tiny little voice recorder to keep in my purse. Can you imagine standing next to a lady in check-out at the grocery store and she's muttering, "Ophelia invents a bangstick to fend off Newbloods like divers use for sharks."

J.A. Campbell said...

If I don't get to write regularly I don't sleep well. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, get out of my head! This post is so timely as I give up exercise, sleep, movies, TV, reading, music (though not food, amazingly) to finish my WIP so that I can a.) get back to my day job and b.) get back to my life! not every writing day is so severe, and I never like my own personal writing to feel like "work" but there is a certain amount of "I have to get this done" that is more about putting the ideas on paper before I get out of "the Zone" rather than "I need to get this done by a certain date." This post was spot on!1!!