Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Topanga and Me!

One of my favorite kid shows is Boy Meets World. Why, you ask? In a word, “Topanga.” I loved her from the moment that card-carrying, freak-flag flying hippie graced my screen and enticed her way into the heart of lovable, boy-next-door, Cory Matthews.

Through seven seasons, my daughter and I watched Topanga/Danielle grow from an awkward misfit into a gorgeous femme fatale, thanks to the considerable acting and comedic skills of Danielle Fishel.

A couple of months ago, I found myself in the unique situation of meeting Danielle, in the flesh, in Midtown, NY. She had natural eyelashes as long as a caterpillar’s, a great figure to die-for, and a winning personality to match. How I met her, needs to remain a mystery for now, but what transpired after we got to know one another is a story I’ll annoy everyone with, till the day she slaps the gag order on me!

Of course, as a shameless self-promoter of my Young Adult new novel, Time Warped, I mentioned to her it had been recently published. She politely asked what it was about, and then became my captive audience as I overwhelmed her with my enthusiasm for what I consider to be a most entertaining and unique tale of a troubled teen who wakes up one morning to find herself in an insane asylum back in 1969! Danielle was glued, or rather pinned to her seat, by me. I wasn’t about to let her escape.

"There has got to be a rip in the universe, somewhere."

When I was finished with my epic length description of the book, she said she’d love to read it. Well, to my surprise, I just so happened to have a copy in my bag. Imagine that! So, I signed it and handed it over and she promised to give it a read on her way back to L.A.

Yesterday, I checked my email and was stunned to receive one from her, mentioning she’d just got done reading Time Warped and absolutely loved it! She even wrote a paragraph about it and said if I wanted to, I could use it as a blurb to promote the novel.

I’m still on cloud 9, and you guys are actually the first to know outside of my family. That’s how special you are--you should be extremely touched!

Here’s what the lovely Danielle Fishel wrote:

“I couldn’t put Time Warped down because there is something so relatable about Lanie Landry’s quest to find out the truth about herself and her family. The journey she takes is full of surprises!”~ Danielle Fishel, Topanga from "Boy Meets World," and "The Dish"

Wow, I still can’t believe she liked it. She really, really liked it! There has definitely got to be a rip in the universe, somewhere!


Jo said...

That is too cool!Good thing you had a copy in your bag :)

TraceyLPacelli said...

@Jo I try to never leave home without it!--lol