Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Did you ever see a movie that keeps your internal furnace stoked for days? Haywire is that movie for me! Still trying to unravel the plot in my mind, but none of that is supposed to really matter, or Soderbergh would’ve written a tad more dialogue.

What I liked best was the kick-arse character of Mallory Kane. This Black-Ops Rambo was the energizer playboy bunny of tomorrow.

Yes, I know the Men’s Online Magazine came out with their annual list today of the top 99 most Desirable Women and Sofia Vergara Va-Va-Voomed her way to the top. But I’m not a guy, nor do I have boobs on the brain. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sofia’s babaloo accent and impeccable comedic timing, but I prefer a more empowered role model who can physically overpower any man and still stun in cocktail attire!

“Sofia Vergara was named #1 on the men's online magazine's annual list of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women”

Hunger Games gave us Katniss and that’s just fine. Keep ‘em coming I say and let us give the patriarchal order a run for its money. It’s the girls’ time to take down the bad guys with a little heart and soul that the men often lack in their Terminator cyborg characters.

Let’s Rock the new-age with a host of female Rocky’s that have enough True Grit to pin John Wayne to the floor. No disrespect to the Duke intended. I’m just a little Haywire today!

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