Monday, January 2, 2012

Help Me Cast My Books

So, I love to play this game. Every once in a while I cast my books. If you've read my Warrior books, help me out here. Do you think this would be a good cast?

This is Dean Geyer. Would he make a good Deacon?
This is Thomas Dekker. Should be Chad?
This is Evan Peters. Jason?
I'm still looking for my Rachel...
Any suggestions would be helpful!


Kimber An said...

The top guy, Dean, is hhhhhot.

Kimber An said...

You know, it's funny. Sometimes I can instantly cast an actor for characters in my stories and sometimes I can't.

Liam Neeson always gets a leading role. Not the hero, obviously, because he's about fifty and I write YA almost exclusively. But, he always plays a high-ranking protagonist. In my Ophelia Dawson stories, he's Joseph, elder of of the Benevolent Oldbloods, and he's in love with OPhelia's mother, a widow who's more than a little hesitant about the prospect of dating a vampire.

Jessica Subject said...

I agree with Chad and Deacon, but I'm not so sure about Jason. Looking at other pictures of him, I guess I agree.

And for Rachel, I say Molly C. Quinn.

Liia Ann White said...

Omg I love Evan Peters!
Not sure about Dean Geyer as Deacon but that's mainly because he was on Australian Idol then a terrie soap so I had a prejudice toward him lol
Hrm.. Chad maybe, but I imagined him having softer features..
Im now going hunt some more for faces I see as fitting the characters ;-P

Tasarla said...

I cast my characters all the time. I'm a visual person. I have entire notebook of 'creatures' I use to build my creatures in The Night of the Gryphon series. I also find that by flipping through my picture book I'm drawn back into the story. Which is very useful since I work on more than story at a time but also if have to do some rewrite to re-sub it.

A suggestion for Rachel - Elena Satine when she's a red head.

Kimber An said...

Why is it easier to cast male characters?