Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bianca Bags a Vamp

This is a short, short, ever so short story by Kimber An featuring Bianca, the twin sister of the heroine of my Ophelia Dawson stories.
This is the pattern Bianca used to create their matching costumes, as she is an accomplished seamstress.


Ophelia parted the dangling orange and black crepe paper streamers as she stepped through the gym’s doorway with her twin sister.  The Thriller pounded through her skull.

              “Wait, you’re hung up.”  Bianca untangled some of the streamers from her filmy white wings.

              “Fairy princesses.”  Ophelia folded her arms and glared at the monster mash on the dance floor.  “I can’t believe you talked me into fairy princesses.”  She fixed the green antennae tilting to one side among her sister’s swirled red hair.

              “Don’t you get irony when it smacks you in the face?”

              “I hate you.”

              “I hate you more.”  Ophelia felt a surge of evil and clasped her sister’s hand.  “Feel that?”

              Bianca drew a deep breath and closed her eyes briefly.  She was still getting used to her empathic senses, but there was no mistaking the presence among the Regular humans.  “Oooh, shhh…”

              Ophelia clapped a hand over her sister’s mouth before the naughty word could get out.  It was habit, even when their devoutly Catholic mother wasn’t around.

              Bianca shoved her hand away.  “Don’t we ever get a night off?”

              “Come on.”  Ophelia groaned and dug her hand into her purse.  “Let’s just clean house, so we can party.”

              “Fine.  You packing heat?”

              “Souped-up iPhone.  What do you got?”  Ophelia held it aloft.

              “Holy Water breath spray.”  Bianca tapped it against the phone.  “Not only will the Blood-Sucking Dead Guys get fried, they’ll also be minty-fresh!”

              “Ooh, nice touch.”  Ophelia saw the red eyes approaching through the crowded dance floor, like little pinlights.  “Four Mallies and one Bennie.”

              “I call the Bennie.  He’s got a nice butt.”  Bianca purred over her shoulder, watching a tall boy pretending to sip punch in the far corner, his back turned to them.  Maybe he dined on the red stuff, but he was all goodness and light.  “Dang.”  Her lips curled.

              “Fine, but try to keep your hormones together until we’re done with the Mallies.”  Ophelia flipped open her iPhone and started tapping the secret code.  “You ready?”

              “As I’ll ever be.”  Bianca made snarling come-on at the Bennie as he looked their way.

              “Oh, good grief.  Better warn lover-boy over there.”

              Hey, Snookums, put your fingers in your ears.  Bianca kissed the air in the Bennie’s direction.

              He picked up on the telepathic communication.  Huh?

              Hello?  I’m a Borean Empath.  Just do what I say.

              Surprise washed over his adorable face.  Borean Empath?  He set down his drink and plugged his ears.

              “I can’t believe you’re name-dropping to snag a guy.”  Ophelia groaned, for she knew how enticing empaths could be to telepathic vampires.

              “Whatever works.”  Bianca snickered.

              Ophelia pressed her finger hard into the keypad.

              Instantly, a high-pitched sound  out of human range pierced the Malevolent Vampires’ senses and the dropped to floor, screaming.

              Bianca’s laughter came up like bubbles as the blood-suckers flipped themselves and fled the Halloween Dance.

              “Aww,” said Ophelia, nodding to her sister’s Holy Water breath spray.  “You didn’t get to use your thingamajig and you’ve been working on it all week.”

              “That’s okay.”  Bianca stuffed it back in her purse.  “I have other ways of bagging a vamp.” 

              Ophelia watched her sister swagger through the dancers, flirty skirt swaying with her hips, to the Benevolent Vampire and pull his fingers from his ears.  She smirked.  “You sure do, sister.”
Happy Halloween, Fall Fesitval, or whatever you celebrate this time of year!

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