Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello, my name is Ella Grey

Morning all. I've been writing since I turned 15, but I only got published last year, with Echelon Press.

My first short story 'What a Way to Start the Day' featured fire witch and thief Molly O'Brien.

I was then very lucky to be given the opportunity to write a series of eshorts and that's what I'll be talking about on this blog.

I write paranormal YA, and #1 in the series is called 'Searching for Michael'

Rachel Valentine was eleven when her brother walked out of their family home and never came back. Five years later, whilst watching TV she sees her brother's face in the crowd. Locked away at a convent, where her parents think she can't get into any trouble, Rachel plots her escape, determined to find her brother. What else is a sister to do?

Alone in London, she discovers that the search for her brother is attracting the wrong kind of attention. Then she meets a man who says he can help her, but is he just someone else with plans of his own for her? Something strange is going on and if Rachel's not careful, they'll be adding her name to the steadily growing list of missing persons.

I like writing about flawed characters, and Rachel is very flawed. Her dad is a secret agent and Rachel learnt several skills from him. She's fearless and is willing to do anything to find her brother.

I hope you'll join her on her adventure :)


J.A. Campbell said...

Sounds great Ella! Thanks for sharing.


Kimber An said...

Looks good to me, Ella! Thanks for joining us.

Rebecca Royce said...

I really want to read this!

Anonymous said...

Neat post, Ella! I tend to write about flawed characters as well, mostly my MC and her close friends. I even like to make my "bad guys" flawed, as I always like to know the back story of the villains and it tends to humanize them, even when they're not technically "humans"! Anyway, sorry for the rant; your post inspired me...

Ella Grey said...

thanks guys.