Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Forward to the Past

A slightly different take on Back to the Future, Forward to the Past is a theme I’ve noticed of late, not only with me but many of my friends, family and even The New York Giants!!! (Congrats to my G-Men!)

"Revolution is once again in vogue, as was Madonna at half-time, during the game!"

Has anyone else noticed the time travel sequences in their real world lives? Just this past week, I’ve reconnected with a friend not seen in years, my sister received a surprise phone call from a gal she worked with twenty-five years ago, and The NY Giants played the same team they competed against four years ago in the Superbowl and won… yet again… with another immaculate reception, reminiscent of Tyree’s helmet catch in their last Superbowl outing against The Patriots.

Revolution is once again in vogue, as was Madonna at half-time, during the game! Past and present are performing a mash-up and I really don’t know what we may expect next.

There is something about time travel that has always fascinated me as a writer. In both my novels, I travel back and forth between the present and old eras gone by. But now, my literary imagination has caught up with me here in my waking world and I’m not quite sure what to make of it!

I do believe by reliving the past, we are given a chance to make an improved tomorrow. Spanks sure beats girdles, after all. But there’s a part of me that still worries my greatest nightmare may soon pop-up. I'm talking about the Flowbee and if it makes a comeback, the future of hairkind will be doomed for sure.

Someone, quick gas up the DeLorean, call Michael J Fox’s agent and let’s take a visit to see Doc to figure out how to repair this rip in the universe and stop plagiarizing the past and start forging a new and inventive future for us all! (Of course, the Giants are excluded from this wish. They may win as many superbowls as they like!)

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