Tuesday, February 14, 2012

B&N Ever After

As a little girl. I used to make paper pamphlets and fill them with fairy tale origin stories, such as: where thunder came from, how Cupid got his arrows, and other such fictional tales that were sure to make me famous one day, I was certain.

Very often, my mom would take me to our local bookstore and I’d look to see if any of my stories somehow magically made it to their shelves. But, alas, not one ever appeared. Someday, I’d be famous like Dr. Seuss or Peggy Parish, I vowed, and every child would utter my name at bedtime.

On into my adult years the dream never died, but only increased to department store proportions. Barnes and Noble became my goal, a place I revered above all others.
B&N has been for me one of my happy places where I wile away the weekends, browsing through books and sampling all the tasty treats it has to offer. Every time I’m there, without fail, my mantra remains, “One day I’ll see my books on these shelves!”

Not an easy task for a writer to see their dream on display at their favorite B&N store. But just today, my life turned a new chapter and my Noble Prince Barnes called upon me, asking if I’d like to hold a book signing on March 10th at my favorite location, from 1-3pm.

“One day I’ll see my books on these shelves!”

They’ve ordered my novel, Time Warped, for their store and after the signing ends, my books will remain behind, proudly displayed on B&N’s shelves. Hopefully each and every one of them will find the perfect home or castle to live in and will be read by young adults and their parents, who may one day realize their own dreams for success.

But as for me, next month I’ll get to feel like Cinderella going to the ball, signing copies at the place I love best of all. What better news could a girl receive on Valentine’s Day? Sure beats a box of chocolate, by far, but I’ll greedily take that too from anyone offering.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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