Monday, May 7, 2012

Remember to thank your editor

Hello everyone,
I've recently heard that Subversive will be releasing in July. When I have more specific information, I'll let you know!!

But today's post is about the importance of a really good editor.  I had a hard time writing Subversive. If you read Driven, you know that Rachel went through some pretty heavy duty emotional upheaval in that book and she's not feeling too fabulous at the beginning of Subversive.

I wrote the book, submitted it, and it was accepted for publication. But, even I knew something was missing. The good news? My editor picked up on what it was and helped me to bring it to the book it needed to be, which I think, now, is the strongest in the series.

So, for me, I'd like to thanks Terry for her endless help on this book and as writers we need to remember to thank our editors often.  Thy make our books shiny.


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