Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday News: Kimber An's First Growed-Up Story!

Just signed a contract for my very first adult story, a Short Story (about 3500 words) called Valentine's Day in the Hardware Story Parking Lot. 

It's about a woman who's almost thirty and who has been working very hard all her life at acheiving Happily Ever After, but all her efforts have been a bust.  Then, she takes a risk and seeks out a little old lady who can find the perfect guy for every girl just by looking at his car or truck.  At first, she's told the lady is psychic, a psychic car-reader!  But, she turns out to be something quite different. 
Here I am conducting research for this story a decade and a half and five babies ago with my husband on our engagement day-

My YA girl liked this story a lot, so you all might too, even though the heroine is a decade beyond high school.  She's one of those adults who didn't figure something out that most teens do before they graduate.  This story is for the Sweetheart Line at Noble Romance, so it doesn't have anything in it that would freak out the moms.  I'm hoping it will have wide appeal.
Am I leaving Young Adult?  Heck, no!  This was just for fun.  Short Stories are like yummy little nibbles.
The other funny thing about this story is that it is totally in the Here & Now.  No lightsabers, no invisibility cloaks, and no blood-sucking dead guys.  Weird, huh?

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